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snoog pictures transcening the beginning of josephine


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Transcending Artwork.png

Screenwriter:  Michael Wettstein

Producer:         Michae Wettstein

Co-Producer: Violaine Stehli

Music: Raphael B. Meyer &

              Fabio Fragapane

Cast:   Adrienne LaValley,

             Michael Wettstein

             Dan Berkey

             Thomas Grampp

             Christian Weisz

             Claudia Wicki and more..

Release: Theatrical

Runtime: 99 min

Language: English

Format: HD

World Premiere:  20.02.16

Arena Cinemas Sihl City, Zürich



Karen is encouraged to seek help from a spiritual advisor, and Brandon is less than enthusiastic when she becomes obsessed with the idea that her nightmares are related to unfinished business from a previous life.


In order to help her, and prevent his wife from becoming psychotic, Brandon has to let go of preconceptions, question his own beliefs and accept the possibility of powers governing life that he was blind to.


The quest puts in motion an unforeseeable turn of events,

connecting people from different parts of the world who are apparently linked to an unsolved mystery in Switzerland from 1973.


Worlds, seen and unseen, collide, as the question what happens to us when we die? is explored.


Shot against the beautiful backdrop of Switzerland, the film will not only intrigue, but also entice the audience with its rural beauty.

TRANSCENDING - THE BEGINNING OF JOSEPHINE is a supernatural, yet down to earth mystery about Brandon, a husband struggling to help his wife Karen, who, after an accident, begins to suffer from intense nightmares and haunting visions, she believes are related to a past life...

Studio: Snoog Pictures

Genres: Supernatural, Drama

Country / Year: Switzerland 2016

Director:          Michael Wettstein

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